Sorry but that moon gave me the creeps last night. And I think it made me extra sleepy. It put some kinda spell on me.

Lady Tyrell obviously did it.  But I was really hoping that it was Sansa. I feel so sorry for that poor child. But it was obviously Lady Tyrell. She couldn’t have her baby getting knocked up by that psycho.  LOL.

Don and Meghan Draper are even sadder than Don and Betty were.  Betty still had stone cold bitch to the core so there was always still a little chemistry but Meghan is too sweet and naive at her center so they’re just awkward together now its so gross.  Don is such a big dishonest slut that it grosses me out now when he kisses her. He’s so dirty.  I bet he tastes like cigarettes and cancer.  

I really hate that Ken Cosgrove still has the eyepatch and it looks really awkward but I get that its part of his evolution. 

I know alot of people thought that Mad Men was slow, especially compared against Game of Thrones on the same night.  But I really thought it was a great first episode. It was really sad already.

Before when Don would come to California, he would always be so relaxed and free. He would always be in Dick Whitman mode. But this time he just seemed really uptight and outdated.  He brought Don Draper to LA and he’s never really done that before.  He’s still holding on to the past. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

LOL at people whose facebook cover is some generic paraphrased quote from a book they never read.  


People everywhere have their differences. In some places, the highborn frown upon those of low birth. In other places, the rape and murder of women and children is considered distasteful. What a fortunate thing for you, former Queen Regent, that your daughter Myrcella has been sent to live in the latter sort of place.

CAN we please get into Ellaria’s outfit!!! I AM OBSESSED. I NEED THIS!!!

GAME OF THRONES THO!! I’m pretty sure Sansa did it. She rolled Tyrion the cup and you can see her putting her hand over the top. After Joffrey takes a sip from the cup she asks Tyrion if they could leave now.

Then that Knight/Fool comes to get her while Joffrey is choking and says if you want to live you have to leave now. He must have seen her do it. 

EPIC episode, EPIC SHOW. I was so stoned when I watched it too!

Oh my God. My SHOWS!!! My SHOWS ARE BACK!!!!